Parents sent probe letter

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A letter has been sent to parents after an Advertiser storyrevealed that three teachers had been suspended.

Principal of the Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy, Dave Smith, wrote to parents after the story appeared in the paper.

The Ormiston Trust confirmed that an investgation had been launched and is ongoing.

It has been suggested on social media sites that the probe relates to an image that was allegedly posted online.

Parents were angry that they had not been told anything about the suspensions or investigation, for many, the first they knew about the incident was whenit appeared in the ‘Tiser.

The letter, sent home with pupils, reads: “You may be aware of recent allegations tht have appeared on social media sites involving some staff members of the academy. We can confirm that these allegations were brought to our attention by students and that we immediately launched an investigation using the academy’s disciplinary policy.

“In order to maintain the impartiality of this process, we are not able to share details with you during the investigation. This procedure will continue until all the facts of the incident have been established.

“The academy has a positive atmosphere and we expect staff and students to follow our ‘Respect’ agenda and keep our environment supportive and harmonious. I must emphasise that this incident has not presented a safeguarding issue.

“The majority of our school community is fully invested in the academy’s ethos an will continue the ‘impressive’ improvements recently identified by Ofsted.”

A parent, who did not want to be neamed, told the Advertiser: “Although we have be sent the letter we are still none the wiser.”