Parents will fight the merger

NILALC100713K1 - Bennerley business college
NILALC100713K1 - Bennerley business college

On September 25 at 6pm a very good turnout of parents with children and as well as local residents, came to the public consultation held by Ormiston held at Bennerley School, on arrival I was unsettled as there was no PA system - so I decided to sit at the front next to the Ormiston speakers.

The whole night was taken up by the passion and strong feelings of parents that the merger wasn’t for them, and that Ormiston have gone back on everything they promised to school governors.

The power point presentation didn’t get chance to be shown, maybe because we heard rubbish from Ormiston before so we were all here to talk fact figures not to watch movie.

One of many questions I put to Ormiston was the fact that their accounts show charitable spending retained for future use totals £29.08m, the question wasn’t liked and I was asked from where this figure came from.

For the guys from Ormiston this is in the public free domain, don’t please think we are stupid, we know the structure of Ormiston and what they are spending and doing,

I would just like to thank all who turned up at the meeting and to the people who spoke out.

In short, Ormiston- we are not going down without a big fight we want the school to stay in the area and not merge with Ilkeston School.

My last request to them is please ask Mr. Peter Murray and Paul Nye from Ormiston’s financial team to be at the next meeting so we can talk facts and figures.

The next meeting is at Ilkeston School on Thursday at 7pm. All welcome.

Mr. P. Brett