Parish council candidates named

Below is a list of the parish council candidates standing in the wards on our patch:

KIRK HALLAM NORTH (UNCONTESTED): Susan Bown, Annette Dunn, John Smith.

KIRK HALLAM SOUTH (UNCONTESTED): Nicola Sisson, Graham Stevens.

DALE ABBEY (UNCONTESTED): Trevor Davies, Peter Farmer, Charles Just.

MORLEY (UNCONTESTED): Anthony Daykin, Brian Gregory, John Last, John Queenborough.

SANDIACRE NORTH: Ronald Chadbourne (Con), Jeanne Chandler (Con), Shirley Dickman (Lab), Audrey Green (Con), Alan Hardy (Con), Richard Harris (Con), Alan Hughes (Lab), Andrew Hunt (Lab), Frank Jones (Con), Angie Nisbet (Ind), Margaret Sayers (Con), Peter Thorne (Lab), Martin Waring (Lab), Leslie White (Lab), Nancy White (Lab).

SANDIACRE SOUTH: David Andrews (Lab), Steve Bilbie (Con), Marie Blackler (Lab), Gary Dinsdale (Con), Kate Hales (Con), Rosalind Heydon (Ind), Jennifer Hulls (Con), Mavis Jowett (Lab), Ian Judson (Con), Martin Lowe (Lib Dem), Wayne Major (Con), Annette Noskwith (Con).

STANLEY AND STANLEY COMMON (UNCONTESTED): Col Mike Cheetham, Terry Hall, Velma Hardy, Bryan Lowe, Peter Marson, Sue Oliver, Beverley Rhodes, Bob Wood.

STANTON-BY-DALE: Graham Bolton, Heather Brown, Carol Cooper, Christopher Cotes, Claire Gallagher, Canon Ian Gooding, Ralph Homer, Bryan Skelston, Gareth Starbuck.

WEST HALLAM: Darren Adams-Shaw (Con), Bruce Broughton (Con), Helena Chapman (Con), Kev Garvey (Ind), Gary Hamson (Ind), Barbara Harrison (Con), Carol Hart (Con), Janet Hayes (Con), Iris Howes (Con), Janet Mallett (Ind), Jill Steiner (Ind), Peter Steiner (Ind), Celia Stephenson (Con), Terence Stephenson (Ind), Lesley Tooley (Ind), Jan Whitaker (Ind), Andy Whitby (Ind), Heather Whitby (Ind).

AWSWORTH: Lydia Ball, Sarah Brown (Lab), David Buxton (Awsworth First), Christoper Hallam, Bryan Maloney, John Mason (Awsworth First), Keith Phelps, Helen Radford, Chris Richmond (Awsworth First), Dawn Savage, Michael Smith (Ind), Graham Spencer (Awsworth First), Jacqueline Spencer (Awsworth First), Kurt Whitten (Awsworth First), Paul Wilkinson.

COSSALL (uncontested): Eric Bradley, Ewart Bull, Reginald Connor, Bryan Maloney, William Pike, John Wheatley.

STAPLEFORD NORTH: Eileen Atherton (Con), Mick Atherton (Con), Margaret Braham (Con), Philip Brooks-Stephenson (Con), Stan Heptinstall (Lib Dem), Amanda Hull (Lib Dem), Richard Jackson (Con), John Longdon (Ind), Moji Obasa (Lab), Peter Smith (Con), Goff Walt (Lib Dem), Steph Walt (Lib Dem), Iris White (Lab), Hannah Whiting (Lab), Russell Whiting (Lab), Brian Wombwell (Lib Dem), Christine Wombwell (Lib Dem)

STAPLEFORD SOUTH EAST: Tammy Booth (Lib Dem), John Doddy (Con), Mark Elvin (Lib Dem), Tony Ford (Con), Sylvia Gillespie-Bell (Con), David Grindell (Lib Dem), Helen Grindell (Lib Dem), Marilyn Hegyi (Con), Eric Kery (Con), Spencer Lawrence (Lab), Colin Muge (Lab), Shaun Reynolds (Con), Jacky Williams (Lib Dem), Gillian Yamin (Lab)

STAPLEFORD SOUTH-WEST: Anne Aderogba (Lab), Glenn Baker (Lab), Phil Batty (Con), Tim Brindley (Con), Steve Car (Lib Dem), Ray Darby (Lab), Andy Ferguson (Con), Graham Harvey (Con), Brenda Houldsworth (Lib Dem), James Lewis (Lab), John McGrath (Lab), Martin Plackett (Con), Christopher Rice (Con), Lesley Sharp (Lib Dem), Brian Taylor (Lib Dem), Kevin Thomas (Lib Dem), Roz Thomas (Lib Dem)

TROWELL (UNCONTESTED): Keith Brikitt, Margaret Birkitt, Julie Bryant, Linda Harley, Graham Lockwood, Cynthia McGann, Robert McGann, Ken Rigby.


SHIPLEY (UNCONTESTED): No nominations received.

SMALLEY: John Beardmore (Ind), Anthony Breene (Ind), Michael Bull (Ind), Robert Chapman (Ind), Emily Feenan (Ind), Terry Foster (Ind), Wayne Judson (Ind). Brian Leivers, Linda Paget (Ind), Neil Paget (Ind), Alexander Rogers (Ind), Mark Saysell (Ind), Jan Walker.