Parked cars force crews on long route

Ambulance Wigan
Ambulance Wigan

AMBULANCES answering emergency calls are taking a longer route because of double parked cars causing an obstruction.

Instead of driving down Manor Road when responding to a 999 call, paramedics are sometimes using the longer route leaving the Manners Avenue station and travelling down Manners Road.

NILALM110111F3 - Ilkeston ambulance station

NILALM110111F3 - Ilkeston ambulance station

Manor Road resident, Brendan Mooney, told the Advertiser: “I’ve seen ambulances going the other way and some of the staff there have told me that they have to go that way because when there’s a car coming the other way up this street you can’t fit through.

“This must be adding time on to how long it takes for crews to reach someone.

“It is a matter of life or death.”

Tim Slater, East Midlands Ambulance Service A&E Service Delivery Manager said: “We welcome and support any scheme that improves road safety, reduces congestion and ensures our crews are able to respond to emergency calls quickly.

“Our staff undergo specific emergency driver training which provides a higher level of hazard awareness and avoidance techniques. However, we do urge people to look when they park, and if they believe it would be difficult for any of the emergency services vehicles to get through, they can help by parking elsewhere.”

Mr Mooney added that ambulances aren’t the only vehicles that struggle.

“I’ve seen school buses get right to the other end of the road then they’ve had to reverse up to the swimming baths, turn around and go the other way. Something needs to be done about it.”