‘Parking fines will not be refunded’

DESPITE calls from angry motorists to refund parking fines, Erewash Borough Council is refusing to reverse any appeal decisions.

Many drivers contacted the Advertiser this week demanding refunds after they were fined despite having valid parking tickets and issued fresh calls for sticky-backed tickets to be re-introduced to the council’s car parks.

But this week, council officers said there were no plans to bring back adhesive tickets, which were replaced with non-stick alternatives because of jams in ticket machines.

Nick Thurstan, head of environment and community safety at Erewash Borough Council, said: “The council has previously experienced difficulties when issuing tickets with an adhesive coat on the reverse of tickets resulting in Pay & Display ticket machines regularly being jammed and out of operation.

“The machines have since been updated to issue non-stick tickets. We would request that all motorists ensure that they check that the Pay & Display ticket is clearly visible for inspection prior to leaving their vehicle.”

Peter Travers is one driver who returned to his car to find a parking fine stuck to the windscreen.

He said: “I’d put money in for two hours so couldn’t believe it when I saw the ticket.

“The traffic warden was actually there so I went over and he said to me that it’s been happening a lot since the tickets don’t have the stickers on now.

“He said the council had got rid of the stickers because of cost cutting.

“It’s not just saving them money, it’s making them money because this has happened to so many people.”

Another motorist, who did not want to be named, said: “I bought a ticket and still got fined so I’ve decided I’ll run the risk and not buy one any more.

“I’d rather get fined for doing something wrong than get ripped off for doing something right. That’s all this is, another way for the council to make money.”

When asked why motorists were being fined despite having valid tickets, Mr Thurstan said: “The council can confirm that if a pay and display parking ticket is not placed in a clearly visible position, face-up at the time of inspection then the civil enforcement officer will issue a penalty charge notice (PCN).

“The reason for this is that the officer is not able to confirm that the appropriate payment has been made.

“Any pay and display ticket that is face down upon inspection would be in contravention of the Traffic Regulation Order. It is the responsibility of the motorist to ensure that they adhere to all parking regulations and in the case of this particular contravention, any appeal will not be upheld.”

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