Parking sign is misleading


I am writing to you to complain about free Christmas parking notices on Erewash Borough car parks.

On Wednesday December 14 I parked on the Albion Leisure Centre car park to have an afternoon Christmas shopping.

As I approached the car park ticket machine I saw a free Christmas parking notice above the machine so I turned around and walked away.

Upon my return I found a car parking fine stuck to my windscreen.

I thought this must be wrong as there was a free parking notice above the ticket machine, so I approached the machine again and noticed in small print at the bottom it stated the free parking starts on December 16.

I wonder how many other unsuspecting shoppers this has managed to catch out, or is this just a crafty way for the council to make some easy money, or is it blatant entrapment for the poor motorist.

I always pay for my parking tickets and to receive a parking fine as a result of a badly designed free parking notice I think is terrible.

All the wording including the inclusive dates should all be printed in the same size font, that way from a distance it wont just be the words Free Christmas Parking that people will notice.

Mrs M. Williams