Parties’ election pledges

WITH the borough council elections looming, the three major political parties in Erewash have this week let the Advertiser have a sneak peak at their manifestos.

Some of the main points from the borough’s Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat groups’ list of pledges are summed up, right.

The ruling Conservative group and the Labour group have both made promises about parking in Ilkeston with Labour saying it will introduce cheaper short-stay car parking. The Tories have pledged to trial free parking on 35 parking spaces in lower Bath Street.

The Lib Dems have also focused on regeneration, pledging their support to Ilkeston and Long Eaton’s markets.

Labour group leader Cllr Howard Griffiths said: “It is a simple manifesto, focusing on the issues that really matter to local people.

“At its heart is regeneration of our town and village centres and also of the Stanton site.”

Current Conservative leader of the Council Cllr Chris Corbett said: “Thanks to careful housekeeping we have been able to shield our residents from much of the aftermath of the financial crisis.

“We shall continue to work on behalf of all our residents to bring jobs and prosperity to Erewash.”

Liberal Democrat leader Cllr Rodney Allen said: “This manifesto is about changes that Erewash needs following eight years of Tory leadership and 12 years prior to that of Labour leader.

“They have done good things and got things wrong but we will learn from those mistakes and create improvements that Erewash needs despite this stringent financial situation we find ourselves in.”