Party fully supports town

NILALM110914A1 - Cllr Frank Phillips and Ilkeston chamber of trade president David Thorpe
NILALM110914A1 - Cllr Frank Phillips and Ilkeston chamber of trade president David Thorpe

May I point out to Cllr Mary Hopkinson (Readers View Advertiser September 20) that the Labour Party has always been very positive about Ilkeston.

May I remind her that it was the Ilkeston Labour Party who first petitioned for a station in Ilkeston in 1995.

It is the Erewash Labour Party who have been pointing out to her colleagues on the council the absolute need for more investment in our town centres.

It was the Labour Party in Ilkeston who camapigned agaisnt the building of houses on Manners Floods in the first version of the Aligned Core Strategy.

It was Ilkeston Labour Party that fought to keep the museum open.

It was Ilkeston Labour Party who fought to stop the Ilkeston market closing down.

I could go on.

One has only got to read through last week’s Advertiser to see the misery and hardship being caused by her Conservative-led government in Westminster.

The closure of Bennerley School, the closure of Ilkeston ambulance station, the closure of the Manners Ward at Ilkeston Community Hospital, the change to council tax benefits for poor working families.

Cllr Hopkinson is basically telling us to shut up and be grateful what we have and forget what we have lost and are about to lose. Not good enough councillor!

She, like many Ilkestonians, will remember when Ilkeston was a thriving market town that supported industries such as Booths and Winster and Domestic Pressings where people could work locally. Has she noticed that all of them have closed or moved elsewhere?

Ilkeston Labpur Party is currently running a very successful camapign called My Town My Say, which is asking the people of Ilkeston to comment on our town centres and make positive suggestions to revitalise Bath Street.

Cllr Hopkinson filled in one of the forms herself and added her own views to our campaign.

Though we cannot recreate the past the Ilkeston Labour Party will continue to press for Ilkeston to be a better place to live and not just a dormitory town for Nottingham or Derby.

Cllr Frank Phillips

Ilkeston Central Ward