Party leaders cross swords

LEADERS of the Erewash Conservative and Labour groups crossed swords again after Thursday night’s meeting.

The two groups were at loggerheads on Thursday after accusations were made by Labour which resulted in Conservative councillors voting to adjourn the meting.

Labour leader, Cllr Howard Griffiths, said: “Cllr Corbett’s cowardice in walking out of the chamber was a costly move.

“Not only for the taxpayers of Erewash who paid for the meeting but also to those members of the public in the gallery. The business of the council should be a priority.

“To walk out of a meeting because you can’t face a debate is an unprofessional attitude for any councillor, especially for the leader of a council.

“It’s quite clear that Cllr Corbett has lost his perception on reality.”

But Cllr Corbett put the blame squarely at Labour councillors feet.

He said: “During his inflammatory speech Cllr Alex Phillips made a number of allegations regarding the control and auditing of Parish Council monies which were deeply resented by parish councillors present.

“The items deferred will still be debated, but I hope that will be done in a calmer and more respectful manner in March.

“Sadly this was another example of disgraceful behaviour from certain Labour councillors at council meetings and again they will be reported to the Standards Committee.

“It is not something that anyone wants to do, but bad behaviour affects the reputation of the council and of local Government generally and that is important.”