Patrols help tackle anti-social trouble


Police patrols and dealing with groups gathering together has helped drive down anti-social behaviour in the Kirk Hallam and Hallam Fields area.

Tackling anti-social behaviour in the Thurman Street, Nottingham Road and The Triangle area was identified as a policing priority.

But at a meeting on Monday, the priority was closed as a result of action taken by officers.

PC Louise Stevenson, from the neighbourhood policing team ,said: “I have worked closely with the local residents to address their concerns.

“The local community were happy with our efforts to resolve the problems they were facing and did not set any new priorities.

”The only low level concern highlighted is an issue with nuisance mopeds being ridden, particularly around the Kirk Hallam and Keswick Close area.

“We will increase patrols in this area and positive action will be taken with the bikers if they are seen to be causing a nuisance and affecting the quality of life for local people in that area.”

Members of the public are invited to attend local panel meetings to raise any issues or concerns they have and to help set the priorities the team will tackle. The next for the area is in September.