Pensioner was saved by sprinkler system

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A 91-year-old Sandiacre woman was saved from a fire in her home by a sprinkler system.

The Portable Misting System was installed by Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service as part of a campaign that has seen 37 of the systems fitted into homes of vulnerable people who are at particular risk to injury from fire.

On August 4, a PMS was fitted into the home of the pensioner who was a heavy smoker with poor mobility and mental health issues. Less than 27 days later an accidental fire started in a rubbish bin next to the chair that she was sitting in.
Hearing that thick black smoke had been billowing from the bungalow window, neighbour and carer Debra Turton made her way over to the house to find that the PMS had fully extinguished the fire.

Both Mrs Turton and Malcolm Allen, the son of the occupant, have praised the system and attributed it to saving the woman’s life.

Malcolm said: “Without a doubt, I am sure that the portable misting system saved my mother’s life.”

Debra Turton said “Neighbours had seen thick smoke coming out of the bungalow window and we all feared the worst. I couldn’t believe it when my husband and I got over to the house and found that the fire was out.

“The misting system really did do the job it was installed to do.”

The systems have saved three people’s lives in the past month.