Cute video shows Milo the dog letting himself in to his house

Milo the Siberian Husky doesn't wait to be let in - he just opens the door himself!

Monday, 8th October 2018, 12:02 pm
Updated Monday, 8th October 2018, 12:08 pm
Milo the Siberian husky at home in Ilkeston

Five-year-old Milo lives with his owners Kyla Payne and Nick Williams in Ilkeston.

Kyla said: "We have had to put locks on every door as he could open them. We used to turn the handles upside down but he figured out how to push them open. When going out we have to take the keys out of the doo as he jumps up and persistently paws at it until it opens. We have locks on two bedrooms and the living room but there's been many times we've locked doors and got home and the room's open."

Milo, who has traces of German Shepherd, has a penchant for tucking into unusual things. Kyla said: "He eats our underwear. We can't have a Christmas tree (real or fake) as he will literally eat it.

Milo the Siberian husky at home in Ilkeston

"Once when we were having a Sunday dinner, we left the meat to cool down. We noticed Milo was extremely quiet, when we looked out of the window he had stolen the meat and was indulging in it."

Milo loves walks at Trent Lock and Shipley Park. Kyla said: "We used to let him off his lead as his recall is brill until one day two runners were going past and Milo decided to chase them. Instead of the runners just stopping which would have caused less fuss they just kept running. In all we had lost Milo for about thirty minutes and were super worried in case someone had hurt him or he had hurt himself. As we approached a stream we could see Milo splashing about all on his own having fun. Once he saw us he ran towards us and shook water off. From then on, he's been on a lead."

After all that exercise, Milo likes to snuggle up with Kyla and her fiancé Nick. Kyla said: "In bed he takes up all the room so we have to curl up small just to fit on the bed."

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