Giltbrook mum feels like a new woman after slimming success

Mum Jo Hine, who has lost 83lbs inside a year at her local Weight Watchers group.
Mum Jo Hine, who has lost 83lbs inside a year at her local Weight Watchers group.

An inspirational mum from Giltbrook says she feels like a new woman after shedding 83lbs inside a year.

Jo Hine, a 37-year-old pharmacy technician, decided to start losing weight in February last year when she was “fed-up of feeling like the biggest mum in the school playground”.

Hitting the scales at 17st 11lb, she joined a Weight Watchers’ group at Ilkeston Arena Church and, by Christmas, she was well on course to losing six stone.

“I can even wear my engagement ring again!” said Jo, who is married with two children.

“I have more energy, more confidence and I feel like I am a better version of myself.

“I have also started going to the gym. Before I started my weight-loss journey, I couldn’t walk up four lots of stairs without being out of breath. But now, I can run for two minutes on the treadmill.”

Jo is full of praise for her Weight Watchers’ coach Sally Severn, who has guided her through her mission.

“She is such a supportive coach,” said Jo. “I would recommend Weight Watchers to anyone. It has helped me so much, and I have made so many friends. The Ilkeston group is really successful.”

Jo lost 5lbs in her very first week as a member of the group. In a month, she shed 15lbs and by the time of her holiday abroad in May, she had got rid of 2st 9lbs.

“I went on holiday feeling amazing,” Jo continued. “I was so glad that the seatbelt fit around me on the plane and that I was able to pull the tray down!”

Thanks to her dedication and determination, the success story continued for Jo when she returned home.

She added: “I have put in hard work by staying focused but also by exercising, walking the children to school and swimming.

“I have managed to get up to 100 lengths in 80 minutes in the swimming pool, and I have even bought a bike, so we can enjoy family bike-rides.

“I have aimed for small targets. One of my first was to get down to size-18 clothes. I am now a size 14.

“In all, I have lost more than 30 per cent of my body weight and my BMI has dropped dramatically. No end of people comment on how good I look.

“I have realised that losing weight is not all about a diet. It's about a mindset and a way of life.”