Ilkeston club's 'last ever' carnival cancelled

A carnival in Ilkeston has been cancelled due to bad weather.

The 29th Ilkeston Carnival held by Ilkeston Lions Club was set to be held today, June 8, at the town’s Rutland Recreation Ground.

Ilkeston Carnival.

Ilkeston Carnival.

Milla Rigby, Lion President said: "We are truly disappointed to have to announce that this year's Ilkeston Carnival has to be cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

"This is such a shame as this year will be the last carnival Ilkeston Lions will hold due to lack of members.

"So much work goes into organising carnival each year, so I would like to thank all those involved for everything you've done over the past months and I'm sorry the town will not get to enjoy your hard work.

"Lastly I would like to invite anyone from the community, who may have ideas for carnival and are interested in keeping the carnival going for next year to our next meeting which will be held on Thursday 13th June at Ilkeston Fire Station at 7.30pm."

All the details for this year's Ilkeston Carnival