Python on the loose in Derbyshire

A four foot long pet python has escaped, and is on the loose in a Derbyshire town. 

The owner of a carpet python took to social media to appeal for help to find his pet, which he says has escaped from his home in Ilkeston. 

Carpet snake

Carpet snake

In a post on Facebook group Spotted Ilkeston Town, the owner wrote:  “I've looked all over the house, and around the garden and it's nowhere to be seen.

“I live on Blake Street, so if anybody sees a carpet python, please contact Jason ASAP.

“It's around 4ft long, a dull yellow/green colour with almost a grey diamond pattern (although to be fair, it's not often you see any 4ft snake).

“It was fed on Boxing Day, so should be okay for another day or two.”

If you do spy the snake don’t worry – they’re not known to harm humans.

Carpet snakes’ diets consist mainly of small mammals, birds, and lizards.