Unpaid bill leaves Derbyshire social housing tenants battling rodents

Tom Hay and the row of bungalows where he lives which are plagued by mice
Tom Hay and the row of bungalows where he lives which are plagued by mice

A block of bungalows in Kirk Hallam has been overrun by mice due to a standoff between a former resident and their housing association.

Mice have spread throughout a row of four homes on Limetree Rise since one of the occupants was taken into care, leaving the house uncared for.

Neighbour Tom Hay, 60, said: “East Midlands Homes told me they are fighting to get the clean-up bill paid before they do anything. We’ve been complaining for months since we saw rats in the garden, which no one ever took care of.

“In the past few weeks, I’ve been able to hear mice in the loft all night, and the shower is full of droppings in the morning. It’s disgusting.”

He added: “One of the other bungalows is occupied by a woman who is 91, and the situation has had her in tears.

“You would think that they would make it a priority, send someone to clean up and deal with the money later. We’ve offered to pay for pest control, but they say there is no point until the house is sorted.”

A spokesperson for East Midlands Homes said: “It is our tenants’ responsibility to ensure properties are kept clean and in good repair at all times, including pest control.

“Once a tenant has handed in their notice and vacated a property, only then does it become our responsibility, although we may choose to recharge the tenant.

“Any infestation which starts to impact on neighbouring properties will be referred to our housing team as anti-social behaviour. The team is aware of this issue.”