Petition to make ‘Gnome Island’ official

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More than 300 people have signed a petition to rename an Ilkeston roundabout ‘Gnome Island’, after its association with garden gnomes boomed on social media.

Garden gnomes were first spotted on the island in Nottingham Road on July 18, close to where work is being carried out on a new Morrisons store.

The roundabout, completed a few months ago, was installed with an artificial grass surface rather than real grass, on which someone homed a family of gnomes.

The collection of gnomes has been diverse, including one sporting a sign reading ‘LOL’ and an ornamental car complete with flowers.

Gnomes have since demanded attention online and one gnome even has its own Facebook account, where it continues to post witty anecdontes on a daily basis.

The island has also featured people dressed as gnomes, including local pubs who have used the gimmick to advertise.

An e-petition has now been launched to get Erewash Borough Council to rename the island and secure it as a permanent feature to the town.

Words featured with the petition read: “The roundabout has become a talking point in the area.

“It makes people smile and brings a bit of happiness to passers-by.

“Let’s make it officially recognised so that it is permanently known as Gnome Island.”

The petition can be signed at