Petition to stop store at welfare

NEAABE120430c2, Eastwood road kimberley convenience store.
NEAABE120430c2, Eastwood road kimberley convenience store.

MORE than 450 people have signed a petition opposing plans to open a new shop at the old Kimberley Miners’ Welfare site.

The proposal has sparked residents into action amid fears over pedestrians’ safety after a ten-year-old boy was killed crossing the road back in 2005 with claims that there is already too much traffic on Eastwood Road.

Campaigners also feel there is no need for a new shop on the site as there is already a convenience store directly opposite and are worried a new late-opening outlet could mean the start of youths hanging around in the car park area.

A resident living nearby said: “The traffic is a nightmare on that road anyway. There has already been someone killed on that road.

“We have been asking for a crossing because of the school. At peak school times it’s bumper to bumper down there.”

Shopper Michael Shelton of Maws Lane said he had lived in the area for 45 years and traffic has got ‘worse and worse’.

“You will also get gangs of youths with it being open until late,” he added. “We don’t need another shop anyway. The one we have here already has plenty.”

The petition was launched by the owner of the shop opposite owner, who did not want to be named.

She said: “People are saying this shop is enough, but it’s mainly the traffic concern. Drivers going in and out of there is going to be a nightmare.

“It’s only been signed by people who have come into the shop, I haven’t taken it out and asked for signatures,” she added.

The woman admitted she was worried the new store could take some of her trade away.

“The council is not bothered about competition, it won’t stop them. Cassidy’s bakery petitioned when Greggs came to town, but it didn’t work. The council doesn’t care.”

The current convenience store in Eastwood Road has been open for 45 years.

One of the campaigners wrote on the petition: “Opening up a shop 20 metres from an existing one which has served the community for decades is disgusting.”

Cllr Richard Robinson who represents the town on Broxtowe Borough Council is supporting the campaign and will be presenting the petition at the next council meeting.