Petrol price rises hit parents hard

Has anyone else noticed that the price of fuel increases with the onset of school holidays, then settles back slightly when the kids go back. Is this a cynical exploitation of parents who want to take their kids on holiday, or take them out for the day?

The Government minister, George Osborne, decided to postpone the three pence a litre rise in fuel duty, until January, next year, to help business, and the motorist, but the oil companies have imposed their own increase of three pence and more.

Are they having a laugh or what?

My local service station at Shipley Common has increased its petrol price by five pence a litre in just over a week.

The oil companies are not slow to profit from circumstances.

The Independent newspaper claims that executives from Shell and BP were in talks with government ministers about Iraqi oil reserves, in the last months of 2002, four months before we invaded that country in March 2003. (See the Independent – 19th April 2011).The Independent alleges that a coalition of major oil companies, including Shell and BP then benefited from a deal made with the Iraqi Government, that gave the oil companies 50 per cent of Iraq’s oil, for the next 20 years.

Was this what the war was all about anyway?

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