Phone-in mum hits back at former MP

A YOUNG Ilkeston mum who was reduced to tears by former MP Edwina Currie on a radio phone in has hit back and challenged her to ‘swap lives for a week’.

Haley Sanderson, 24, told the BBC that she and her partner often go without an evening meal once or twice a week to make sure there is enough food for their two children, Callum, four and Dylan, seven months.

She called the Radio 5 Live phone-in to talk about the financial problems facing families.

While on air, Former MP Mrs Currie told her: “When the money was coming in – this sounds like there were two salaries coming in, and no savings – life was being lived to the full and a very good life indeed.

“But when that’s no longer the case, when there’s no longer money coming in, you have to evaluate whether you are going to be able to get back to the good life quickly or not.

“In which case, you are going to have to think about maybe declaring yourselves bankrupt.”

Choking back tears Haley replied: “Edwina, I’ve never lived life to the full. I don’t go out every weekend. You’ve really upset me.”

Haley, who has two jobs and does not claim benefits, was forced to cut short her maternity leave when her partner had his hours cut.

Speaking to the Daily Mail the day after being on air, Haley said: “I was so annoyed when she said I’ve been living the good life.

“She was suggesting we had got into debts or it was our fault we didn’t have money. It’s not the case at all.

“I work two jobs and my partner works fitting windows. We both work hard but we have to watch every pound.

“I don’t buy new clothes, we don’t go on expensive holidays. I don’t have Sky TV and I’ve never had Sky TV. “People like Edwina Currie live in a totally different world.”