Phone mast appeal success


My main objection to the phone mast was based on the visual impact it would have on the local area. I was also concerned about its possible health implications.

During the local planning committee meeting, the committee were directed by a member of the planning department that they could only consider any objections based on the visual impact of the mast, and could not consider any objections based on health concerns.

This directive would seem to contradict a ruling in the High Court, Yasmin Skelt v First Secretary of State, 3 Bridges District council and Orange (September 2003) and a court of appeal ruing in 1997, that genuine public fear and concern is a material planning consideration, and that ICNIRP certification by itself was insufficient. It seems that in spite of these rulings, planning departments up and down the country continue to discount any objections based on health grounds.

I would like to thank our local MP Jessica Lee, and our local councillors, David Morgan and John Booth for their help and support.

I would also like to thank Susana Drew for co-heading the campaign, and the local residents who supported our efforts, writing letters and attending the meetings, the planning committee who voted to reject the application, and Julia Gregory, from the planning inspectorate who after careful consideration, rejected the appeal.

I am aware that the Government wish to relax the planning laws, and this will favour mobile phone companies and developers. I would urge people to register their objections on the National Trust website online petition.

Keith Crabtree