Photo brought back memories


I was interested to see the photo of the Granby Boys Football Team recently.

The teacher with them was Mr Langley. He taught me at Granby and was a wonderful teacher.

I remember when he got married at Ripley.

Me and my friend Carol decided to go and see him get married. We had never been to Ripley but knew the B2 bus (I think) went there.

We asked Mr Langley where the church was and how to get there from the bus.

On the Saturday of the wedding it was a very cold day, I think it was in January 1953.

My mum walked me to the corner of Duke Street to meet Carol at the bus stop on Cotmanhay Road and mum asked the conductor to put us off at the correct place in Ripley.

We were very excited to be travelling alone and went to the top deck to get a good view of the journey.

The conductor shouted us to come down and get off and pointed us the way to go to the church.

We watched the bride arrived, who wore a white dress with swans down trimming and the bridesmaid was in bright red velvet. After the ceremony we found the bus stop for Ilkeston and travelled home.

At the time we were ten years old, can you imagine nowadays allowing two ten-year-olds to travel alone to a place they had never visited?

Such wonderful memories of Granby School and the great teachers there.

It will always hold a place in my heart.

Isobel Sisson

Milton Avenue