Plan should be across Erewash


I write in regard to the consultation on the housing developments proposed for Manner Floods (Ilkeston West) and Quarry Hill Road.

The residents have risen, what I believe to be, valuable concerns regarding the road access and strain that would be put on local amenities such as school, GP’s etc.

At present we find the roads already congested and there seems to be no plan to help alleviate the problems which could arise if development goes ahead.

I believe the wider issues regarding the local infrastructure should be looked at before any potential developments.

In regard to Manner Floods, the proposal is for 700 new houses. In the Erewash core aligned strategy document which can be found on the council’s website.

This states that there is potential for 2,065 houses on this site. If that is indeed the intention to be the final number, this needs to be made clear!

With a site potentially having that number of developments and the Stanton site (once it has been regenerated and developed) holding approximately another 2,000 what would this do to the town? In the short term it might create jobs while they are being built but what about after the developers have gone?

As we do not know what type of housing is proposed we could end up with empty unaffordable houses? There needs to be a credible plan for investment, regeneration and growth for longer term success not short term gain.

The housing quota for Erewash over the next 20 years is 6,214. That would mean with the two development areas currently for consultation (Ilkeston West 700 up to 2,065 properties and Quarry Hill 500 properties) and eventually the redevelopment of the Stanton site (2,000 potential properties approx), this would put at least half of the number of the entire housing quota for the borough in Ilkeston, on an infrastructure that at the present time is struggling to cope and for which no plans to help alleviate the situation are forthcoming.

While I understand the authority has a legal duty to have sites available for development, I do not see why we cannot spread the number across the borough evenly, looking at all sites across the borough would create less pressure on the current infrastructure in one area.

Councillor James Dawson

Abbotsford Ward