Plans for school to move to Ilkeston

Empty warehouse Nottingham road Ilkeston. Tracy Baily, Jane Marks and Julie Cousins.
Empty warehouse Nottingham road Ilkeston. Tracy Baily, Jane Marks and Julie Cousins.

A Christian school currently based in Stapleford could move to Nottingham Road in Ilkeston.

Jubilee House Christan School caters for people who have experienced difficulties in mainstream school.

Currently situated on Pasture Road in Stapleford, the school have applied to Erewash Borough Council for permission to change the use of a former warehouse which has been empty for more than two years.

However, one resident, who did not wish to be named, claimed people there were not happy about the plans. He said: “Here we were thinking we had a nice little residential cul-de-sac to retire too, I don’t want 70 screaming kids every play time within 20 yards of me. He added: “If there’s a four-year-old with Aspergers, that’s fine.”

But he was concerned there might be teenagers who had been involved in other activities.

Tracy Bailey, head of pastoral care at the school, said it did not take in children suspected of taking drugs. It was aimed at children with Aspergers and ADHD conditions, who find a classroom environment and curriculum difficult, adding it was a ‘more creative curriculum’.

She said: “If we go back to every child matters, that’s the heartbeat of our school. They are good kids that need more support. Over half that come to us have been badly bullied and need gentle care.”

She said staff would meet people living close to the school and introduce themselves. If permission is granted the school hopes to move in for the new term in September with the prospect os employing ten more staff.

Headteacher Jayne Marks said: “Most of the children come from Ilkeston and the building at the moment is not fit for purpose, and that building is just right for us. “We have very small classes and never more than 100 children.”