Police aim to prevent the wrong kind of calls

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Derbyshire Constabulary has launched a new page on its website to prevent people calling police about issues they do not deal with.

The page will direct users to the appropriate agency when reporting specific issues with details of who to call to report things such as noise nuisance, parking issues and abandoned animals.

Assistant Chief Constable Gary Knighton added: “We completely understand that sometimes people phone us because they genuinely have no idea who else to ring. We want to save their time and minimise their frustrations by improving the information available to them online.

“The site will hopefully help to reduce the number of calls we receive for such issues and help to provide people with the information they require.”

Inspector Wendy Smedley, who is leading the project to increase public awareness, said: “The police service receives a high number of calls about issues, ranging from abandoned vehicles to road repairs, which are not dealt with by the police. These calls can put increasing pressure on call handlers who have to re-direct callers to other agencies instead of helping someone who genuinely requires police assistance.”

The page which is located under the ‘contact us’ tab on the derbyshire.police.uk website also provides information on how to contact Derbyshire Constabulary and has a link to the Ask The Police national database.