Police find lethal additive in drugs seizure

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Police are again warning about the dangers of illegal substances after drugs seized in the South Normanton area were found to contain both amphetamine and the lethal additive PMA.

The last time PMA was identified in Derbyshire was 2013. Its has been linked to several deaths across the country and was a factor in five deaths locally during late 2012 and early 2013.

Steve Holme, of Derbyshire Constabulary, said: “The amphetamine we seized was strong anyway so it is a mystery why any supplier would risk people’s lives by adding PMA to it.

“PMA is not a drug that people go out to buy because most users recognise the dangers from it.

“I would suggest that anybody who has bought amphetamine recently should dispose of it safely and not take it.

“Just because our seizure was in a particular area does not mean that amphetamine in other areas has not come from the same source.”