Police issue warning about '˜tombstoning' in Derbyshire quarries

Police urge parents to talk to children about the dangers of tombstoning or jumping into quarry waters this summer.

Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 3:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 3:52 pm
Derbsyhire Polcie issue a warnign after reports of people jumping into disused quarries
Derbsyhire Polcie issue a warnign after reports of people jumping into disused quarries

The urgent warning from Derbyshire Police comes as in the last few weeks groups of children and young people have been gathering at disused quarries across Derbyshire with the most recent sighting of this dangerous activity being at Waterswallows near Buxton.

A spokesman for Derbyshire Constabulary said: “They might look like paradise, but open water courses like reservoirs, rivers and disused quarries can lead to tragedy.”

The craze of tombstoning – where people leap off cliffs and into the water below, often filming it for social media – is also carrying on.

Tombstoning can lead to cold water shock, where muscles cramp up and breathing becomes difficult, leading to people being unable to stay afloat and swim to safety – even if those who think they are a strong swimmer.

There is also the risk of striking rocks or other debris that is hidden beneath the surface of the dark water, causing serious injury or even death.

The spokesman added: “As a result of the dangers of tombstoning or swimming in disused quarries, we’re issuing a plea to parents and carers.

“We want children and young people to enjoy themselves over the school holidays and to stay away from the clear dangers of disused quarries.

“We urge parents and carers to talk to their children about those dangers and to warn them away from disused quarries and other open water courses.

“People drown in disused quarries. Please, stay away from them.”