Police seize booze from teen drinkers

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MOre than 40 cans and nine bottles of booze were confiscated by police as they launched a crackdown on teenage drinking.

Officers seized the alcohol from underage drinkers on Victoria Park and the Rutland Rec.

The haul included 28 cans of Fosters, three cans of Strongbow, one can of John Smiths, nine cans of Budweiser, five bottles of Fosters Gold and two three litre bottles of strong cider.

Insp Nick Daines said: “It would seem that a group of around 50 youths decided that it would be a good idea to get together on the park and had brought along enough alcohol to put an office party to shame.

“They have learnt the hard way that not only do we patrol hotspots for anti-social behaviour, but that if we find young people with drink on them, it will be seized and they will have wasted their money.

“Their parents will also find out, and if they do it repeatedly, they will end up with an offence against their names.”

Officers seize the drink and send letters to the parents of all those found in possession of alcohol.

If they are caught three times within a year, police take formal action.

Insp Daines added: “Nobody minds young people getting together if they are going to behave, but experience shows that teenagers and alcohol don’t mix.

“Anti-social behaviour is often the result, not to mention the adverse impact on their health, and their increased chance of becoming a victim.

“Local Communities can be reassured that we will continue to patrol at key times, and take a zero tolerance approach to teenagers found in possession of alcohol.

“I’d also ask people to be firm if asked to purchase alcohol on behalf of underaged persons, as they indicate that this is one of the main ways of getting it in the first place.”