Police still stand guard at murder scene

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A week has gone by and Charlotte Street is in shock following the death of Paul Averill.

Dozens of flowers and messages have been laid in memory of the 30-year-old, who was fatally stabbed on September 11.

Life still goes on, with children spilling out from Charlotte Nursery and Infant School, like any normal day.

But a grief-stricken atmosphere lingers in the air, as tributes to Mr Averill lie on the street, just outside the house where the incident occured.

The tributes feature messages from his friends, who remember him fondly, with many messages reading ‘R.I.P’.

Also among the tributes are cans of Boddingtons beer and Monster energy drink.

Police still stand guard outside the house, which is cordoned off with tape.

Forensics officers also continue to occupy the area, moving in and out of the crime scene meticulously to ensure every piece of evidence is gathered.