Police target teen drinkers

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Thirty bottles and cans of booze were taken from teenagers drinking on the town’s streets last weekend as police launched a swoop on anti-social behaviour and underage drinking.

Members of the public highlighted anti-social behaviour as a problem in the neighbourhoods of Ilkeston Town, Kirk Hallam and Hallam Fields and the Larklands and Gallows areas.

On Friday December 6 and Saturday December 7 PCSOs Matt Lewis, Jenny Salmon and Sam Sanders patrolled the streets in each of those localities to speak to youngsters causing trouble.

Officers chatted with the teenagers about personal safety, the possession of alcohol in public and the risks associated with getting drunk and becoming vulnerable.

PCSO Matt Lewis from the Ilkeston Town team said: “Alcohol can be the catalyst in fuelling anti-social behaviour in our communities leading to individuals getting hurt and crimes being committed.

“We are trying to give direction to these youngsters and advise them of the consequences of their behaviour and the affect they can have on other people.”