Police warning over underage drinking in Ilkeston town centre

Stock picture.
Stock picture.

Police are warning they may have to start using ‘tougher powers’ to tackle underage drinking in the heart of Ilkeston.

The alert comes after officers dealt with a group of teenagers who were drinking illegally in the town centre on Friday.

Sergeant John Troup, who is in charge of the Ilkeston Town Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “On this occasion alcohol was seized and two teenagers were taken home to their parents to prevent them becoming involved in anti-social behaviour or becoming the victims of crime due to their intoxication.

“We’ve also written to the parents of others present to warn them of the dangers of this behaviour.

“We hope that this action will nip the problem in the bud.

“However, if it persists, we will have to consider using tougher powers to deal with the issue as we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour disrupting the community.”