Derbyshire councillor quits Labour Party over bullying claims

Coun Danny Treacy has quit the Labour Party.
Coun Danny Treacy has quit the Labour Party.

A Derbyshire councillor has quit the Labour Party, claiming he has suffered citing bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Coun Danny Treacy, who had been a Labour member for nearly 20 years and represents Cotmanhay on Erewash Borough Council, will now sit as an independent.

In an exclusive interview with the Local Democracy Reporting Service, Cllr Treacy said that he was still “very angry” at the events which led to his resignation, and that he had felt “ostracised”.

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Coun Treacy said he had raised concerns about bullying and harassment from a fellow Labour councillor but claims that his complaint was “never dealt with”.

He says this complaint dates back to the start of the year.

Another reason which led to his resignation, he says, was discrimination from fellow Labour councillors following this year’s local elections in May.

Coun Treacy says the fallout “left me disillusioned with local politics and how people can hate someone for their political differences”.

He says he “felt stabbed in the back” by his own colleagues, saying that this was “the final straw”.

Coun Treacy says the discrimination element of his resignation relates to him being overridden when it came to electing cabinet member positions after the elections.

He claims that despite being the only member to put themselves forward for the position of leisure shadow cabinet member, colleagues sought to encourage others to dupe him out of the position.

Coun Treacy says that the reason he was not preferred was purely “because I was a man”.

He says the bullying and harassment relates to pressures faced from a fellow councillor when discussing manifesto aims and strategies.

Coun Treacy says it also relates to the party’s handling of a Facebook post in which he had aired his concerns about how political differences were being handled, which had caused him to be brought in to a disciplinary process.

He said: “I am still serving the people of Cotmanhay, nothing has changed on that, I will just be acting without a political agenda.

“I am still very angry and I feel I have been ostracised. We have political differences but this does not mean you can’t be nice to each other.

“None of the Tories have ever been mean to me but I have witnessed Labour members being horrible to the other side, which I think is just wrong.”

A Labour Party spokesperson confirmed that Cllr Treacy had resigned from the party but did not provide a formal statement.

Coun Treacy’s resignation leaves the council’s make-up as: Conservatives, 27; Labour, 18; Liberal Democrats one, independent, one.