Did your Derbyshire MP vote to take control of Parliament last night? Find out here

The Houses of Parliament.
The Houses of Parliament.

MPs voted on whether to take control of Parliament's agenda last night in an attempt to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

The motion to take control of Commons business was won by 328 to 301 - a blow for Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A total of 21 Conservative MPs voted for the motion, defying their own party.

Here's how Derbyshire MPs voted...

North East Derbyshire MP, Lee Rowley - Against

“Last night MPs, yet again, tried to frustrate Brexit. The British people are tired of a group of MPs who have never really wanted to leave the European Union using every excuse possible to delay or stop it. We have simply got to move on, deliver Brexit and get back to schools, hospitals, roads and everything else that matters in north east Derbyshire.

"What is particularly galling is that MPs are claiming that their current parliamentary manoeuvres are simply to stop no deal. That is just plain wrong. If the legislation which was started last night is passed tonight, then it compels the United Kingdom to seek an extension from the EU and to accept whatever extension the EU give us. So, if the EU offers us an extension of a 1,000 years, we are forced to accept it. This isn’t a bill to stop no deal; it’s a trojan horse to stop Brexit altogether and I will never support it.

"I hope MPs pull back from the brink tonight – they have one last chance to show the British people that they will deliver Brexit. If they don’t, Parliament will have totally failed and be totally broken. It will then be time for a General Election to decide, once and for all, this country’s future.”

Erewash MP, Maggie Throup - Against

"I voted with HM Government last night because not only do I believe that the Prime Minister should be given time to try to negotiate a deal ahead of the crucial EU summit scheduled for the 17th October, but I also believe that, after three years of debate, we must now deliver Brexit without further delay, so that we can begin to move forward as a country and address the other great social challenges faced by our communities."

High Peak MP, Ruth George - For

“I voted for bringing a Bill to prevent us crashing out of the European Union without a deal.

"The Prime Minister currently has no strategy for obtaining a deal and this will concentrate his mind on ensuring he gets one.

"But whatever that deal looks like, it’s important that it’s confirmed by the British people.

"Only a tiny majority in High Peak voted to leave the EU in 2016.

Many people have changed their minds now they can see the damaging consequences and most young people want the opportunities our membership brings.

People need a say on a clear outcome of Brexit, not the rhetoric and empty promises of 2016, and that’s the only fair way to make sure we can bring the country together again.”

Chesterfield MP, Toby Perkins - For

Bolsover MP, Dennis Skinner - For

Derbyshire Dales MP, Patrick McLoughlin - Against

Amber Valley MP, Nigel Mills - Against