Practice must act

A few years ago, Littlewick Medical Centre in Ilkeston built a very modern surgery to replace their premises.

The practice has since invested a lot of money in providing an extremely high quality service with facilities to match. Most patients appreciate the efforts that have been put in and, until recently, enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere that has always prevailed, even before modernisation. Sadly, in my opinion, during the last two- to-three years, the atmosphere has changed.

For example, during the big freeze of last winter, I understand the practice failed to put grit onto the dangerous, icy surface of the car park. Some patients suggested a whipround to pay for grit. Although the practice provided warning notices, this situation was totally unacceptable.

Up to date now. On entering the waiting area in reception, a sign tells patients to switch off mobile phones...really ? This is not a high tech hospital area. I will not be switching my mobile off.

The car park, so needed and welcomed by patients with the intended goodwill of the doctors and other medical staff, now has yellow notices ‘Warning Car- Clamping’ with a fine of £50 ...for goodness sake, what is going on? While patients do sympathise with the practice having a problem with the car park being used by non-patients, existing patients are fed up with yet another dictat. Patients do of course realise that car-park clamping on private land such as this, is totally illegal, but yet again, this action seems to put the practice’s fantastic initiatives in reverse.

As for car parking problems, instead of clamping notices, the practice should, if necessary, use an alternative system.

I have personally commented on concerns, but to no avail.

Disgruntled patient,

(Name and address supplied).