Praise for OAP who cleared blocked path

Residents have praised a fellow neighbour for rolling up his sleeves and clearing an alleyway blocked by weeds and stinging nettles.

Residents complained to Cllr Michelle Booth earlier in the summer about the jitty after elderly churchgoers were being forced to take a longer route to services.

But after no action was taken by the borough or county council pensioner Joe Douglas-Wright decided enough was enough and cleared the overgrown bushes and hedgerows from the walkway in Kirk Hallam.

Mr Douglas-Wright said: “If I had a truck on which to deposit the cuttings, I would have finished the whole of it – as it is, everyone I know now has a bin chocker-block with the stuff.”

People who use the path way have praised Mr Douglas-Wright for his efforts.

Cllr Booth said: “Mr Douglas-Wright’s handy work has freed - up this cluttered jitty which is the only means of access to the local church and shops for elderly and infirm people.

The path has a mean canter to it which disables the infirm pedestrian.”