Primark should come to town

22/08/06 Ilkeston co-op exterior
22/08/06 Ilkeston co-op exterior

I have been thinking about ways that the old Co-op building could be used. The most sensible way that the building could be used would be as a shopping centre, this is because the property is ideally set out in a way that it could be separated into units that would be used as shops. One shop that I believe would help to improve Ilkeston’s economy is Primark, this is because Primark is a major brand and business which all major businesses are aware of so if Primark was to come to Ilkeston and be part of a possible shopping centre then this would attract more shops which would create more jobs for the local economy.

A way of turning the building into a shopping centre would be if money was raised by the local community to buy the building and also renovate it as I have been told that the building needs some work doing to it.

The building would be an ideal shopping centre as it is in the heart of Ilkeston and has already got almost 200 car parking spaces that come with the building.

The council could also put forward some money towards the building so that it doesn’t end up like the former Woolworths building.

I saw an article in the paper about the building being used for business conferences but this seems pointless if there are no businesses in Ilkeston.

Danny Lambord

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