Protests fail as disabled gran loses her home

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Protesters could only watch as bailiffs evicted a disabled woman who was spared the repossession of her home last week.

Ten activists from the RESPONSE Midlands campaign attended the eviction of Michelle Wheatley, 54, on Wednesday at her home on Coronation Road, Stanley, five days after they last attempted to enter the house.

Bailiffs arrived at the house at around 10am, reportedly forcing entry and boarding up the windows.

Mrs Wheatley, a mother of four and grandmother of eight who suffers from arthritis, said she opened her door to what she thought was a parcel delivery, only to be faced with Bailiffs.

She was bitten on the hand while trying to restrain her dog, which she said was ‘terrified’ by the bailiffs’ presence at the house.

Founder of RESPONSE Midlands, Paul Isme, was the first of the group to arrive on the scene after receiving a call for help.

He claimed bailiffs arrived without proper documentation.

He added: “The bailiffs were supported by 12 police constables, enforcing the eviction and being politely confrontational.”