Proud centre staff go the extra mile

At Littlewick Medical Centre, the entire team are proud to offer a wide range of quality services for our patients and the community, in a welcoming, friendly environment.

We constantly strive to keep improving and so we appreciate the positive comments from our ‘disgruntled patient’, and from our continually improving patient survey results. It is disappointing though to the team when it was printed that we had not gritted our car park in the icy weather.

In the hottest week of the year it is hard to remember how big the freeze was but we spent a considerable amount on grit and many members of the reception, admin and HCA teams rolled up their sleeves and regularly went out to shovel snow and grit a path to our entrance.

Due to the size of the car park it is physically impossible to clear it all and at times the ice was so deep the grit wasn’t making much of an impression - let’s hope we have a more mild winter this year.

As pavements on the side streets where not cleared or gritted, the alternative of closing the car park and getting patients to walk round to the front entrance would probably have been more dangerous.

We value comments and suggestions from our patients which is why we have a ‘no mobile phone policy’, not because of medical equipment but at the request of patients.

Likewise with the car park, frustrated patients who cannot find a parking space due to commuter parking suggested that we put up warning signs of clamping. If concerns on any of these issues had been raised formally we would of course have been happy to explain and would welcome suggestions on alternative methods of deterring non-patient parking - an issue that we are not alone in suffering from.

The Partners,

Littlewick Medical Centre.