Proudest moment for Eastwood folk

The march through Eastwood last weekend left residents and councillors moved.

As I spoke to people after the event, I could see that it meant the world to them and it was such a special occasion for Eastwood.

I don’t think I’ve known Eastwood town councillors to feel so honoured and proud as they did last Saturday when the Royal Engineers marched through the town.

People said to me they found it ‘moving’ and ‘emotional’ and the Mayor of Eastwood, Ken Woodhead, said he had a tear in his eye as he followed behind the soldiers.

As I spoke to Cllr Woodhead after the event, you could see just how much it meant to him. He said words could not describe how proud he was for the town.

I think his proudest moment was as he spoke to one of the soldiers immediately after the parade.

He said the soldier had told him that he had ‘never received public support like he did in Eastwood’. Despite many parades throughout his career, he told Cllr Woodhead he was blown away by the amount of people who had come out to support them, and said he had a lump in his throat.

I think this in particular left Cllr Woodhead bursting with pride.

Although Broxtowe Borougn Council organised the event, all due respects really need to go to Eastwood Town Council who absolutely pulled all the stops out to make sure it was a huge success.

Not only did councillors buy over 1,000 flags, but they visited every shopkeeper, care home and school in the town.

Councillors wanted to make sure shopkeepers decked out their shop fronts with bunting, and wanted as many people in Eastwood involved as possible.

Pensioners from every care home in town were taken out onto the streets in their wheelchairs by staff to witness the parade and get involved in the special day, and school kids went along with their parents to join in the fun.

One resident I spoke to said it was great to see such strong community spirit.

Laura Rands