Psychologist took her own life

Shaun Tudor
Shaun Tudor

A psychologist from Long Eaton who jointly assessed sex offender Shaun Tudor as being suitable for unescorted leave, took her own life after blaming herself for the sex attack he went on to do, an inquest has heard.

Lisa Derriscott, 33, who worked at St Andrew’s Healthcare near Mansfield, was found dead in her car in a field off Wilne Lane on August 3 last year after setting fire to it.

Tudor, 44, was jailed for a sex attack on a 10-year-old boy while on the unescorted leave.

Miss Derriscott’s partner Andrew Whittle told Derby Coroner’s Court she repeatedly blamed herself for what had happened and was not sleeping.

Assistant psychologist Meryl Lewis who worked with Miss Derriscott said the decision to release Tudor was not signed off by Miss Derriscott and was taken only with approval from the Secretary of State.

Coroner Dr Robert Hunter said she died from smoke inhalation and recorded a verdict that Miss Derriscott took her own life while the balance of her mind was disturbed by anxiety.