Public react to ‘fiasco’ meeting

NILALC100809B1 - Ilkeston Town Hall
NILALC100809B1 - Ilkeston Town Hall
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MEMBERS of the public branded last week’s full council meeting a ‘fiasco’ and a ‘debacle’ when Conservative councillors cut it short after allegations made by the Erewash Labour group.

People in the public gallery were shocked as the majority of the meeting’s agenda was scrapped after allegations were made in an extraordinary meeting held an hour before.

Claire Gallagher, from Stanton-by-Dale said: “I’m horrified.

“I left four poorly children at home to come to this meeting and for what? Ten minutes of rubbish.”

Nicky Southern was also in the public gallery after deciding to go to her first council meeting as local elections approach.

She said: “I was just so shocked and surprised at what I saw.

“There was arguing, shouting and people just weren’t listening to each other.

“When I saw councillors behaving like that, not even listening to what others had to say, I just thought I don’t want people like that representing me.

“I have teenage children and I’d hate to think of them behaving like that in a debate let alone the people in charge of Erewash.

“The most worrying thing is that it’s going to be a difficult few years and I’d like to think that the people who we elect to represent us are working together for the good of Erewash and not playing political point scoring.

“I’d never been to a council meeting before and I was so surprised.

“I think more people should go and see for themselves how things are done.”

Paul Harvey, the chairman of Green Squeeze, was at the meeting to ask a question on behalf of the group who are campaigning to save greenbelt land being used to build a new road providing access to the new Stanton development.

He said: “This is a classic example of everything that’s wrong with local Government.

“This meeting will have cost the taxpayer and it was over as soon as it started.

“Words like debacle and fiasco just don’t do it justice.”

Items that were not discussed will now be added to the agenda of the next full council meeting due to take place on Thursday March 3.

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