Pupils celebrate the Year of Mercy

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Students at Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy (CVA) took part in a special day of prayer and reflection as part of Pope Francis’s Jubilee Year of Mercy.

The academy held a Day of Mercy along with all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Nottingham.

Rachel Rose, chaplain at Saint John Houghton CVA, led the day which started with The Year of Mercy prayer being read in a staff briefing.

There were two Acts of Worship during which Head Boy Matthew Shepherd read a scripture reading and students were praised for their fundraising in school.

All students and staff were given a purple Mercy wristband to wear and students listened to a video message from the Bishop of Nottingham, Patrick McKinney.

There were a series of Mercy workshops for the year seven, eight and nine students during which they walked through the academy’s millennium garden and were asked to let go of any problems on their minds.

Each student was then given a coin with a purple sticker on – which is the colour of Lent – which they were asked to keep forever as a reminder of the day.

They were given another penny which they could donate to Friends of Street Child Africa, CAFOD or the Chaplaincy Department at Saint John Houghton CVA to run more days like the Day of Mercy.

Rachel said it was a wonderful day for everyone involved.

She said: “The students were given Mercy in a Mug, to refresh them on their journey. We wanted our students to have the opportunity to receive God’s mercy and rest to find the joy in the day.

“Our students had to talk to one another about ‘what does love look like?’ during the walk through the Millenium Garden.

“They walked through one door and were able to walk their own path and return to school a different way so that they had first-hand experience of ‘Mercy Moves’ so we are now able to create our own Door of Mercy in school, knowing that by crossing the threshold the pupils will journey with Christ into a deeper relationship with Our Lord.

“The pupils heard the Word of The Lord and were given the example of the woman who gave everything she had then our pupils put what they had heard into action.

“Every child gave freely and wore their Mercy Wristband with pride. Mercy changes everything and I was able to tell our pupils to expect special and wonderful things to happen in this Jubilee Year of Mercy.”