Pupils learn about life in the Navy

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Students at Kirk Hallam Community Academy heard about life in the Royal Navy during a cooking demonstration by one of its chefs.

Petty Officer Wayne Claridge and leading chef Steve Thewliss visited the academy to talk to year-ten students.

Mr Thewliss showed students how to cook and present a chicken roulade with bacon, mozzarella and tagliatelle while Mr Claridge talked about life in the forces.

He said: “I’ve been in the Navy for 15 years and have worked on aircraft, destroyers, frigates and submarines.

“The Royal Navy is there to protect the nation but we are only at war for one per cent of our time.

“For the other 99 per cent we are travelling around the world on anti-drug smuggling operations, tackling pirates, working in fisheries protection and delivering humanitarian aid.”

Mr Claridge said that anyone who joins the Navy undergoes ten weeks of basic training and everyone has a secondary role.

He said: “I also learned how to put drips into people and I was trained as a firefighter.

“When I was on HMS Kent my secondary role was as a flight deck officer so I was marshalling helicopters on and off the flight deck.

“I was in charge of the catering when I worked on submarines and when you are going away you have to make sure you have everything with you.

“The only reason a submarine would come out of service is to bring more food on board because obviously you can’t grow it on there.”