Pupils learn about the Magna Carta

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Ilkeston students turned back time to take part in a workshop about the signing of the Magna Carta.

The event was organised by Erewash MP Jessica Lee, who visited Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy (CVA), in Ilkeston, with Professor Nigel Saul, an expert in medieval history.

Ms Lee is visiting schools in Erewash to talk about the importance of the Magna Carta, which is one of the most celebrated documents in British history and remains a cornerstone of the British constitution.

She spoke to students from Saint John Houghton CVA, English Martyrs’ CVA in Long Eaton, The Priory CVA in Eastwood, Saint Thomas Catholic Primary School in Ilkeston and Ladywood Primary School.

Professor Saul talked to the older students about the history of the Magna Carta and its impact on the legal system and held a question and answer session with Saint John Houghton students.

The primary school students created their own scroll to highlight the history of the Magna Carta, which they took back to their schools.

Year Nine students from Saint John Houghton also prepared and presented a play about the story of King John and the circumstances surrounding the inception of the Magna Carta.

Joan McCarthy, headteacher at Saint John Houghton, said students enjoyed the workshop and found it informative and interesting.

She said: “This year marks the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta and we were delighted to welcome Ms Lee and Professor Saul to our school along with students and staff from local primary schools.

“It is important that students are aware of the constitutional history of our country and the rights and freedoms that we hold today. The workshop was interesting for all ages and everyone was very enthusiastic.”