Push for meetings to be shown on internet

Cllr Chris Corbett
Cllr Chris Corbett

The leader of Erewash Borough Council is pushing for meetings to be broadcast live on the internet after the ‘shocking’ behaviour of the opposition.

A meeting of all Erewash borough councillors earlier this month has prompted Cllr Chris Corbett to report Labour to the Standards Committee.

He said: “This was as bad as I have seen it for a long time, I am just glad that the meeting was being recorded so that there is evidence to put before the Standards Committee.”

It was new Mayor Cllr Val Clare’s first meeting in the chairman’s seat and Labour councillors, particularly Labour leader Cllr Alex Phillips and his father Frank, were told to lower their voices by Conservative members as they claimed the Mayor was refusing to let them speak.

“We need to put a stop to this shocking behaviour,” Cllr Corbett continued. “Hopefully the Standards Committee will be able to take strong action.”

“In the meantime I shall be pressing for future council meetings to be broadcast live on the internet so that the public can see for themselves how badly certain Labour councillors behave when they are supposed to be representing their residents in a calm and sensible way.”

But in turn Labour have reported the Tories to the Standard Committee

Chief whip Cllr John Frudd said: “The Mayor was quite clearly not in control of the meeting and was instead taking instructions all through proceedings from Cllr Chris Corbett.

“ Cllr Clare and her deputy constantly ignored Labour members who indicated they wanted to speak, the Mayor incidentally should be politically impartial.”

“I feel I have been given no choice and feel it my duty to report Cllr Valerie Clare to the Standards Committee,” he added.