Put unsung heroes in the spotlight

Ilkeston Advertiser New years honours winners.
Ilkeston Advertiser New years honours winners.

We are pleased to launch our New Year Honours 2014 awards in a bid to recognise Ilkeston’s unsung community heroes.

This will be the fourth year we have staged our Honours as we seek to recognise the district’s champions who go the extra mile.

Each year we ask you to nominate who you think is an unsung hero.

It will be someone you think goes above and beyond for a club or group, or they may be a good neighbour who helps out an elderly resident.

They might even be a Good Samaritan, someone who stepped in during your hour of need and helped.

We first launched our honours when we noted that throughout the year there were so many people in the ‘Tiser patch who carried out good deeds.

We thought these community stalwarts deserved some recognition as so many of them went humbly about helping others or promoting our town without a thought for recognition – despite richly deserving it.

Our 2013 winners included a dedicated Scout, church volunteer, committed Post Office worker, a community stalwart and a couple who have battled against adversity.

In previous years we have had countless deserving nominees and winners.

But if the pages of the Ilkeston Advertiser are anything to go by each week, we know one thing for sure – there are many more unsung heroes out there who deserve some appreciation.

But we need you to tell us about them – don’t leave it to someone else to nominate or your worthy candidate might not get recognition.

It’s easy and free to nominate too. You can email us at news@ilkestonadvertiser.co.uk, write to us at Ilkeston Advertiser, 8 Heanor Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 8ER, contact us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/IlkestonAdvertiser, Tweet us at @IlkestonTiser. You can also call us on 0115 9 446160.

Advertiser editor Martin Hutton said: “Our New Year Honours were set up to recognise the army of unsung heroes out there that we were reporting on each week.

“We felt there were many people out there who day in, day out carried out good deeds which made the lives of others better, and they deserved some recognition.

“Each year the event has got bigger with more and more nominations. We have been bowled over by the nominations – some people we knew all about, but others were truly unsung heroes as their storries emerged for the first time as their nominees told us all about the differences they made to others’ lives.”

What you need to tell in your nominations:

n Your candidate’s full name, full address and contact phone numbers.

n Why you think they deserve an award - as much detail as you can give us is helpful.

n Who you are and your contact phone numbers and address.

n You can email news@ilkestonadvertiser.co.uk, call 0115 9 446 160, Tweet us at: @IlkestonTiser.