Quad bike seized by officers

Quad bike seized in Kirk Hallam.
Quad bike seized in Kirk Hallam.
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A woman has had her quad bike seized by police for causing a nuisance in Kirk Hallam.

Officers told the Advertiser this week that they received calls from residents about the bike being ridden around the Queen Elizabeth Way shops area on Sunday August 25.

The bike was seized after the 27-year-old woman failed to stop for officers and sped off towards a parked van where a man tried to lift the quad bike into the vehicle.

The woman was reported for summons and the man was warned for causing obstruction.

PC Andy Kendal-Edwards of the local Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “We do receive reports from residents about bikes, particularly when they are noisy or being ridden in a dangerous way, which could put other people’s safety at risk.

“Anyone who owns one of these machines must know how and when to ride safely and legally, and use them responsibly. Nuisance riding can have an impact on the lives of local residents, and this type of anti-social behaviour won’t be tolerated.”