Rabbits hopping for a new home

nrhn 030111 rabbits for rescue me
nrhn 030111 rabbits for rescue me
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Rabbits are ruling the roost at the RSPCA Centre on Abbey Street in Derby.

Staff are pictured here holding just a selection of the 20 floppy-eared animals currently residing at the centre.

A pair of giant lop-earded rabbits were left in the reception area only this week. Staff have called the males Pasqual and Palmiro.

Rabbits are an ideal pet for anyone as they are quite low maintenance.

In the picture from left to right at the back, staff carry the rabbits Cream, Egg and He-man.

At the front from left to right are Honey and Ying.

Honey and He-man came in together and need to be housed as a pair.

If you are interested in taking a rabbit home contact the centre on 01332 344 620.