Railway boost – Labour have battled hard

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As a member of the Labour group on Erewash Borough Council, I am of course very pleased about the strong indication from the Transport Minister that at long last we are likely to get a rail station at Ilkeston.

However, I think a few historical facts at this stage are in order which will explain why we have had to wait so very long.

Back in early 1986, the then Tory-controlled Erewash Borough Council was presented with three options.

Option one, a train station at Trowell;

Option two, a train station at Ilkeston Junction;

Option three, a train station at Langley Mill.

The controlling Tory group went for option three, Langley Mill.

We in the Labour group have been campaigning long and hard for well over 20 years for a station at Ilkeston.

I hope the people of Ilkeston will take note of these historical facts.

Cllr John Frudd

Shadow cabinet member for economic regeneration.