Rainbow One is a ‘lifeline’ to passengers

Councillors are at the end of tethers with buses stopping for too long in Eastwood’s town centre causing traffic chaos.

Buses waiting too long at stops along Nottingham Road are causing huge queues of traffic and councillors said the problem has gone on too long and something needed to be done.

Eastwood Mayor Brian Griffin said instead of picking passengers up and moving on, Trent Barton’s Rainbow one service often arrived early and waited around to keep to the timetable.

“When you get two single deckers parked up biding their time, it might only be for two minutes, but a hell of a lot of traffic builds up in that time.

“It’s a Victorian street and we can only get two cars width on it. We want to ask the bus companies that they pick up, drop off, and move,” said Cllr Griffin.

The Mayor said it had been a problem for years.

Problem hot spots are the bus stops outside the library and outside Sweet News.

Cllr Charlie Robb said the waiting buses were not doing trade in the town any good, either.

“I’ve heard people say we’re not shopping in Eastwood again because you can’t get out.

“The bus companies have got to work with us not against us. They just don’t care. It’s about time we reminded them of their responsibility” he said.

At an Eastwood Town Council meeting on Monday night councillors agreed to send Trent Barton a ‘strongly worded letter’.